Use Reliable Arborists – At The Best Price

Although an established garden can add a touch of beauty to a home’s landscaping, there may be times when it is necessary to cut some of it back or even cut foliage down altogether. You can have overgrowth removed by contacting us for a quote – we are the professionals at removing trees. You may be able to remove small shrubs on your own, but for large, bulky trees and canopy structures, it is often best to call in the tree removal pros.

Reasons for Clearing Foliage

There are many reasons why you will need our arborist services in the Melbourne area:

  • The foliage has lost its visual appeal due to disease destroying its limbs and leaves.
  • Limbs, branches and leaves are too close to your home, blocking much needed sunlight to prevent moisture build up on the walls and roof of your house.
  • It has sustained structural damage which may cause it to topple over or cause damage from falling branches.
  • You want to change the landscaping and need the overgrown vegetation removed to accomplish this purpose.
  • Roots pose a threat to your home’s foundation or plumbing pipes. Plant root extraction before trouble starts can save you lots of money.

These are a few of the many reasons why you may need to clear your property of protruding stumps and get tree lopping services at your residence. Once you have made the decision to clear your landscape, the next step is hiring our experts in stump removal and removing foliage and branches for the specific arbor services you require.

The Benefits of Our Professional Arborist Services

image-3There are many benefits to working with qualified arborists for clearing your landscape. Most homeowners have neither the manpower nor resources to accomplish this task on their own. Trying to remove large branches or perform stump removal and grinding on your own without the proper skills or equipment can be risky. In contrast, our experienced tree loppers have the knowledge, skill and equipment to accomplish this task of getting rid of plants and shrubs effectively and efficiently.

Professional aborists offer various techniques to get rid of unwanted overgrowth. The process often requires a team effort to ensure the clearing of foliage is done right. Services by our qualified arborists often include pruning then removing the structure and its stump, clearing dead branches and leaves, cleaning all debris from your yard and leaving the area looking neat and orderly for whatever future plans you may have.

Safety is yet another reason to hire a company like ours that is experienced in tree removal to clear your landscape. Our experienced tree loppers can tackle even difficult jobs with accuracy and precision. Their training and expertise enables them to accomplish the job of cutting out and disposing of excess flora with less risk of physical danger or harm to you or your property. Our Victorian-based professionals also have the advantage of using the latest technology and equipment for their tasks. They can advise you on the best methods for the clearing of your land and plant disposal in order to get the best results.

There are obvious benefits to maintaining your garden and property. It concerns not just your home or family, but the safety of other people in the community as well.

Increase the value of your home

A homeowner can employ many ways to increase the value of his home. But one inexpensive way to do so is to keep the garden tidy by mowing the lawn and pruning the trees, shrubs and hedges to control overgrowth.

Pruning is essential in keeping the trees healthy. The new foliage will have healthy and uniform growth when the dead or diseased tree branches are trimmed back once or twice a year or as needed. It also benefits the grass and plants as they get more sunshine through the canopy.

If intending to sell the property, you can entice more buyers with a good-looking garden. Property landscape can spell the big difference in potentially selling the property at a higher price.

Changing the garden landscape and making enhancements, such as adding flower beds, lighting or pavers, can increase the long-term value of your home as well. This may require cutting down a tree and completely removing its stump and protruding roots.

The stump and roots can become tripping hazards and take up valuable space if not removed. Also, they can become breeding grounds for pests and diseases leaving a family’s health at risk. Expert arborists use a special machine called stump grinder to chew the stump and roots, so what’s left is a leveled ground after they are done with the job.

Avoid safety hazards

The uncontrolled growth of trees and shrubs can present several safety hazards to the community, particularly pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

  • Trees close to the street can obstruct the driver’s view of the street.
  • Tree limbs can entangle with wires on an electric pole, which may be a potential cause of fires.
  • Vehicles are likely to hit the trees that are very close to the travel lane, especially on critical locations such as curves.
  • Overhanging dead branches can fall on the sidewalk and street anytime, during storms and when snow and ice accumulate on them.
  • Trees that cast shadows on the street may create isolated ice patches during the winter season that can cause slipping and crashes.
  • Tree roots can heave up the concrete slabs in sidewalks. The changes in level become tripping hazards to pedestrians and prevent wheelchair users from safely accessing the walkway.

Most public safety ordinances state that it is the responsibility of homeowners to take care of these trees and vegetation bordering their property. Homeowners can ask the help of local arborists to do the trimming and tree lopping properly and efficiently.

Hiring an expert arborist

If you’re still undecided whether you will hire your local arborist to help you clear the overgrowth in your front or back yard, perhaps answering the following questions truthfully can help.

  • Do you know exactly what, how and when to do the required pruning and tree lopping, not to mention the stump removal in some cases?
  • Do you have the spare time to tackle the job? If you’re hiring someone to do the simple mowing of your lawn, how sure are you that can do this job?
  • Do you have the basic tools that you will need for the pruning and lopping? You will need leather gloves, safety goggles, a hard hat, the proper footwear, safety harness, a chain saw, a lopper, an axe, a tall step ladder, etc.

If you answered no to these questions, it is likely that you need help. Consulting a trained arborist can help you determine the type of jobs that need to be done. In addition, our team can do the job a lot faster, safer and without doing any damage to your property. To get the job done right – and safely, with peace of mind – is definitely worth it.

Clearing Techniques

Two of the most common methods used for removing unwanted foliage are felling and dismantling. After examining your property and the structure you want removed, our team can advise you on which method would best serve your purpose. Felling is a technique that requires a good amount of space, clear of buildings, plants, bushes, telephone wires, etc. Utilizing this method without adequate space could result in damage to surrounding property.

This technique should also not be attempted by amateurs as it could result in personal injury or injuries to others on the property. By working with professional tree loppers, you reduce the risk of property damage or harm to others due to inexperienced or poor felling techniques.

Dismantling – also known as tree lopping or pruning, is another option for clearing out your landscape. This involves one of our experienced arborists climbing the trunk and cutting off branches in sections from the top down and carefully lowering these branches to the ground using ropes for safety and protection. Large, bulky branches can be removed easier using dismantling techniques. The process takes time and requires the services of several workmen, but by using qualified and experienced garden maintenance experts, it is effective and produces good results. Once the bulk of the branches have been cut and gathered together, the stump can be taken out using stump grinding techniques. We can also carry out shrub and plant extraction and re-positioning – whereby we move trees and shrubs to different locations on your property and re-plant them so they can grow successfully and thrive in their new positions.

Is Pruning Necessary?

Our expert loppers in the Melbourne metropolitan and Victorian regions also extend to providing excellent management counsel and advice when you are in doubt as to your best option for removal of trees. Sometimes foliage that appears to be diseased or dying can be brought back to life by pruning dead branches or using mulching techniques. By working with competent arbor services and tree surgeons, you can learn more about how to care for the plant life in your garden and restore the front and/or back yard to its former state. Shrub pruning and foliage trimming and disposal of leaves and branches is a very important part of maintaining a healthy garden landscape in the erratic climate in Victoria.

It is always good to get a proper assessment of your problem from our consultants before resorting to tree lopping services to clear your landscape. Our professional loppers are experts in environmental care and can provide valuable advice that will help to improve your gardening skills and prevent future problems. Once it has been determined that trimming your greenery and clearing your treed landscape of branches and leaves is in your best interest, you can benefit from the qualified services that our Victorian and Australia – wide arborists have to offer.

Lopping Cost

Costs will vary depending on the type of foliage removals services and time required to get the job done. To get a better idea of costs, you can request a free estimate from several companies, compare prices and services and then choose accordingly. If you are unfamiliar with arborist services, you may want to research your foliage clearing options carefully before making any final decisions.

Although cost is an important factor to consider, it should not be the sole indicator of the gardening maintenance company you choose. There is no point compromising quality services for a cheaper price. You may wind up paying a higher price later down the line if you discover the job was not done right. Furthermore, a cheaper branch lopping company in Victoria may not use proper safety measures, resulting in injury and/or damage to the property. If you need removalists services please see

When choosing a trusted option for removing stumps as well as clearing of branches and foliage, we pride ourselves on our reputation for providing competent and reliable tree lopping and removal services. You can even ask us to provide you with references from satisfied Melbournian tree removals customers to demonstrate our past track record. By researching your options well, you will find that our proudly Australian company will meet your specifications and needs at rates that are well within your financial budget.