What Kind Of Tree Services Are Offered

removing big treeIf you own property in Melbourne, there will probably come a time when you’ll need tree services to improve your landscaping. Professional arborists provide an array of jobs in this area to suit any need. These services range from lopping to pruning, stump grinding, tree removal, maintenance and care. It is advised you seek professional help from qualified experts who know what they are doing. Many accidents happen with people climbing trees and using chainsaws without experience or safety equipment. The following gives you a greater insight into some of the many arborists have to offer to help improve your physical environment.


image 5Trees that have become old and decrepit should be removed to make way for new ones to grow. They no longer provide a useful purpose for your environment, but rather detract from your landscape’s aesthetic appeal. The structure’s branches can even pose a threat to your safety as they could easily fall on top of your house and cause structural damage or injure your kids during play.

By calling an arborist, you can have old, diseased or damaged trees removed the same day. Services entail felling the structure, cutting up large branches for firewood or disposal and clearing your property of all debris. If you want to get rid of your structure on a permanent basis, you can also have the stump removed in the process.

Stump Grinding

Felling your structure is the first step towards its lopping. Once your structure is felled, you will need to deal with the stump and underground root system that remains. If you choose to keep the stump, there is the possibility it could eventually sprout new limbs and leaves and begin to regrow. After some time, you could gain a healthier, more attractive structure to replace the one you lost.

If you don’t want a new structure growing in the old one’s place, you’ll need to get rid of the stump altogether. This can be done by several means. You can apply a chemical stump killing product that will rot the wood over a period of weeks, making it easy to chop up in pieces and pull out by the roots. Stump grinding is yet another method commonly used to get rid of the base. It entails the use of a grinding machine to cut the structure into tiny pieces that can be used as mulch. For smaller stumps, you may be able to dig around the base deep enough to pull it out by the roots. Most arborists will have these structures removed upon request as part of their tree services package deal.


Some trees don’t need to be removed but require some adjustments in their size or shape to fit in with your environment. This is where tree lopping may be of service. Lopping consists of cutting off sections of your structure to reduce its size, get rid of dead branches or enhance its appearance. The procedure can rid your structure of large branches growing perilously close to your home or phone wires. Lopping can also reduce the structure’s height by cutting its trunk down to size.

Lopping may not be suitable for all types of structures. Sometimes the procedure has a negative effect on the branches that remain, causing them to wither and die. After evaluating your property, your arborist can advise you on whether lopping is appropriate for your structures or whether there is another option to take care of the problems at hand.


If lopping is not a viable solution for the structures on your property, pruning could be an alternative measure in your package. Pruning is a common procedure that can be done on a yearly basis in the early spring. It consists of trimming off dead limbs and cutting back foliage to give your structures a more balanced shape. Pruning can enhance the growth of your structures as it gets rid of dead and dying branches and helps distribute leaf growth more evenly. Pruning fruit trees also encourages the growth of healthier, tastier fruit.

In order to gain all the benefits that pruning has to offer, you should be knowledgeable in pruning techniques. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can cause more damage than good. To avoid ruining the foliage on your property, your pruning can be done through a professional arborist with ample experience in this area. Pruning is one of the many valuable services arborists offer to their customers.

General Maintenance

Plant management and care are two more jobs that are very important. This service can apply to anyone who needs help in taking care of their environment. Individuals with large estates will undoubtedly need more management services than others in order to keep their property looking its best. This is especially true for those who are inexperienced in caring for plant life and have a wide variety of foliage to manage.

By working with a professional arborist, you can benefit from all kinds of pruning services to improve the overall appearance of your property. You can glean valuable tips from an experienced tree surgeon along the line of mulching, fertilizing, soil management, irrigating and more. You can learn the best times for planting to get the best results and what products and technologies can help your plant life to thrive.

We cover a wide range of practical and useful topics for the care of your foliage. The more you learn about plant care and growth, the more you can enjoy a healthy and attractive home environment.